Mission Statement

All the pictures and text on www.squirreltailoven.com, www.squirreltailoven.info, www.squirreltailoven.net, and www.squirreltailoven.org are copyrighted by Squirrel Tail Ovens Founder unless otherwise noted by the credits.

You are welcome to use anything on the website, that is not copyrighted by someone else, free of charge but I ask that you get permission first by emailing me at ovenmail@squirreltailoven.org and that you provide the following credit and hyperlink: "Thanks to Squirrel Tail Oven, http://www.squirreltailoven.com." I reserve the right to deny usage on websites, and to users.

We have a lot of pictures of fireplaces on the website. I credit and promote the photographer, architect, builder and mason.

I routinely ask architects, builders, masons, and homeowners to allow me to take pictures. Most of these pictures are not professionally taken, but some may be or are taken out of magazines and I don't always know if they are copyrighted or, if they are, who owns the copyright. Again, I want to give credit all around and if there are any infringements they are unintentional and, if brought to my attention, I will be glad to give credit, pay for the use or take the picture off the website.

Contact me for further questions or comments.